Mixes from D'YOR are live recordings available via Mixcloud & SoundCloud. All uploaded mixes are made with four active decks and made in one take.


You'll find D'YOR mixes in the categories:  DeepHouse, Tech House, Disco & Funky House.

More mixes are available on Mixcloud and SoundCloud. Feel free to listen them all ;-)!


D'YOR's first track is "spot on" for Techhouse lovers. Freshhh! is an uplifting track which will bring a lot of energy to the dancefloor. You'll hear fresh sounds and dynamic sharp high hats made for positive vibes and good luck. 

Freshh! Will not be the last track. D'YOR aims for more dynamic and refreshing tracks especially produced for you to dance on ;-).

 Veghel | The Netherlands | 

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